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New Muay Thai Classes Starting!

November 14, 2012 Author: MAX10

We are excited to announce Muay Thai Kickboxing is coming to MAX10!  These classes will take you to a whole new level unlike anything around.  Taught by highly trained, experienced instructors this class will include all of the techniques you’ll need to be able to defend yourself properly or even fight in the ring.  Each participant will learn offense, defense, conditioning, ring management and learn how to punch and kick correctly.  Live sparring is optional, and only done for those interested at the conclusion of class.  Classes are offered 7:30PM on Wednesday nights.  Free trial classes are available through November 28th.  Our first official class begins December 5th.  Cost will be $30/month.  Equipment not included.

Instructor Bio #1: Sergio De La o

Born and Raised in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Sergio started practicing Muay-Thai at age 13, where he trained with what are now some of the most respectful Muay Thai Fighters in Latin America. His first and long time master and instructor Adolfo Lozano is an ex IKF Pro Muay Thai Mexico National Middleweight Champion and an Ex IKF Pro Muay Thai Middleweight World Champion. Sergio trained in the ring with many fighters whom are Muay Thai instructors and former Fighters. He holds an amateur record of 5-0 and practices Muay Thai as a passion and way of life. All of the roots and lineage of the people he trained with is certified from Chiangmai, Northern Thailand famously known as Lanna Muay Thai Boxing camps.

Instructor Bio #2: Tom Reavis

Tom is an experienced instructor in both fitness and martial arts having over 20 years of fitness experience and 15 years of instructing.  He has trained with numerous world renowned Muay Thai/UFC instructors such as Mark Dellagrotte, Eric Paulson and Kenny Florian.  He has had a life long passion for martial arts and practiced Muay Thai for over 10 years.  Tom is very excited to help introduce this exciting style!

Muay Thai Kickboxing, Tom Reavis

Instructor Bio #3: Travis Richardson

Travis has an amateur fight record in the IKF of 3-1.  Travis was the first ever, state of Iowa Light-Middleweight champion in 2000.  Travis is also a 6-time national Taekwondo Champion, and has international fight experience.  Travis was the Lightweight Taekwondo representative at the US Olympic Training Center in 1998.  He trained 6-8 hours a day for close to half a year as a permanent, residential athlete at the training center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  There he trained with Jean Lopez, Clay Barber, Paris Armani, and other elite athletes under Olympic headcoach Han Won Lee (Bronze medalist in the 88 Olympics).

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