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Check out these real MAX10 member victories. Members are of all ages, and have varying beginning fitness levels as they enter MAX10. Some have never exercised in 20 years, and others are simply cross training for marathons. Regardless of these differences, there are some common goals that they all share. When these goals are achieved we like to recognize these outstanding members on the victory page. Here you can find a wide range of member achievements.

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  • I lost 8 inches and two dress sizes in MAX10!

    “In 2009, my victories were in getting back to working out.  I started and finished MAX10, which resulted in losing 8 1/2″ and 2 dress sizes as well as gaining back an entire wardrobe.  I’m eating better, not a full “10″ on the scale, but better.  I met awesome people and made some friends! I feel fabulous!!!!” – Staci Campen

  • MAX10 Member Qualifies for Boston Marathon

    Michelle Silver is a MAX10 coach in the 4:30 class at the Rockwell Collins Rec Center.  She has been running for some time but after a session in MAX10 she had a great breakthrough.  Here is what she had to share.

    “I ran my sixth marathon (the Memphis Marathon) and finally qualified for the Boston Marathon. MAX10 allowed me to work on other areas of my body that were neglected and I became a more fit person.  In Particular, I had greater upper body strength which helped me maintain good running form therefore preventing injury and increasing fuel economy which is needed for long distance running. ”

    Michelle – Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

    Good job Michelle, we are very proud! – MAX10