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Max10Fit – Weight loss: Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Classes

Fitness Kickboxing

The fitness kickboxing curriculum has been expertly designed by Travis Richardson, former 6-Time National martial arts champion and US Olympic trained athlete.  Unlike other programs, MAX10 incorporates a 3-phase progression allowing all participants to feel successful yet challenged.  A heavy emphasis on technique and safety is used.  Feel the rush as you burn over 800 calories per workout!  We use a variety of equipment including focus mits, free-standing bags and even air shields to keep workouts fresh.



TRX® Suspension Training

MAX10 is now the largest TRX gym in eastern Iowa!  TRX helps you build lean muscle, boost your metabolism, tighten your core and increase endurance.   The TRX system is simple, effective and uses your own bodyweight along with natural progressions.  With tons of exercises you can’t do with any other piece of equipment, the TRX system offers our members a truly remarkable experience.  Functional training is hot right now, and TRX is leading the way…come feel the burn with this US Military endorsed equipment.





Developed by Izumi Tabata, the Tabata protocol is simply the most effective fat burning technique ever discovered.  Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training which improves not only aerobic but anaerobic systems.  Utilizing dumbbells and bodyweight, these routines will shred fat quickly.  Some research has even show that Tabata will even put you into a good mood!







The 300

The brainchild of Mark Twight, a self-taught exercise guru and former world-class mountain climber, the 300 was developed to whip actors into shape for the major motion picture, “300”, directed by Zack Snyder.  In the movie, 300 Spartans fought against 100,000 Persian invaders.  We’ve taken this idea and ran with it, incorporating into the MAX10 program during the final phase.  We use dumbbells for this fat-busting, lean muscle tissue building workout!







Resistance Band Training

Resistance bands are widely used in the fitness industry and we use them primarily for our first phase as an introduction to resistance training.  Expect a wide variety of exercises and lots of cues as you learn the basics of resistance training.  We use long bands, figure 8 bands as well as resistance cuffs in an incredible, easy-to-learn and safe workout experience.







Circuit Training

Executed during the last phase of MAX10, circuit training utilizes all of our equipment.  From monkey jumps on agility ladders to sumo slaps on the bags, circuit training is a fun way to burn through the last few weeks of MAX10 en-route to your final weigh-in!  We are always adding equipment for circuit training, so expect changes each session!







We utilize medicine balls for core work and include solo as well as partner exercises to challenge the whole body.  Plyometrics on steppers are done to create explosive strength and stamina.  MAX10 never gets boring because of the variety of exercises and equipment!  Strong core, strong body!







Other Program Offerings

30 Day Fat-Busting Cleanse

This cleanse is a powerful way to lose stubborn fat, increase your energy, rid yourself of toxins and educate yourself on the benefit of cleansing.  Get all the tools, including daily nutrition plan, cleanse supplements and  support from a highly credentialed health coach specializing in stubborn fat loss coach.  Find out about how toxins MUST be released to experience healthy weight loss and fat removal!  You can start the cleanse at any time.  Call 558-6810 for details.