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Sore Throat? Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

An irritated throat produces annoying, unpleasant symptoms, such as a nagging tickle or the need to frequently clear the throat. A wide range of environmental, lifestyle or health conditions can cause an irritated throat. For example, dry or polluted air, allergies and vocal strain are all frequent causes. If you smoke, you will have an irritated throat until you quit. Acid regurgitation associated with acid reflux disease can also irritate the throat. Colds, influenza, strep and other viral or bacterial infections cause throat inflammation and painful symptoms.
Conventional treatments for irritated throat include commercially prepared cough drops, cough syrups as well as antihistamines. Natural cures for an irritated throat can relieve many throat symptoms without drowsiness or other side effects. If your throat irritation is severe or persistent however, see your doctor to rule out a serious condition.

Apple cider vinegar is a traditional natural remedy for an irritated throat, and has a host of health benefits, having been used for thousands of years as a natural “cure-all”. Its antibacterial properties fight bacteria that can cause throat pain. To make a palatable drink, add 1 or 2 teaspoons each of vinegar and honey to a cup of warm water. Drink two cups of this mixture each day.  Cheers!

Film on the impacts and risks of bottled water

April 18, 2010 Author: MAX10 Topics: ,

We all know there are a tone of independent films out there leveraging opinions. However, this short clip from the film “Bottled” an exposure of risk from drinking form plastic is worth checking out. The highlights include the discovery of toxins in different samples of bolted water and the lack of oversight in the companies that produce them. Only one person in the FDA monitors all of the bottled water in the country and they “Have other tasks as well.” Queue dramatic music…

Take the Body Burden Test!

January 26, 2010 Author: MAX10 Topics: ,

So we promise this is not like a Facebook quiz where you register only to discover that your true celebrity identity is something extremely inaccurate as Will Farrell’s pet squirrel.  The truth is that we all like these little web quizzes and this one can actually help you have a better understanding of environmental hazards in your home.  Plus there is some really cool flash animation, pet dog included.

The “Body Burden” test comes from the site of Sloan Barnett’s “Green Goes with Everything.”  You walk through a step by step tour of a virtual home where you answer questions and identify areas you can improve your home’s environment in order to make it safe for you, your children and yes even your non-virtual pets. Your body shaping goals with MAX10 might even be impacted by some simple changes you can make in your home environment.

On the site you identify common things you may not consider but might have extreme impacts on your health. Some examples include how do you clean your home? What products do you use on your body?  What do you eat, drink or even feed your lawn?

Take the quiz here: